About Us



About Us

We are Irish owned company that have started the business in November 2011 as online shop. Our love for the animals has inspired us to open our store. Having a number of dogs ourselves, we found it difficult to find fashionable, hip and quality clothes and accessories for our own furry babies. Seeing that there are so many pet brands throughout the world, we are mostly brining exclusive brands to Ireland. All of the brands that we stock are tested by our own dogs as we only strive to bring high quality products to the Irish market.

On July 28 2012 we have opened our dog boutique and grooming parlour to allow our customers and their furry fashionistas to come for a pamper session and to be able to try on the clothes and accessories. Our passion for the pets drives us to improve and enrich their lives, just like they do for us. We are against animal cruelty in any ways so you will never see products that can harm pets in any way in our boutique. We hope you are enjoying your visit to our site and we look forward welcoming you as part of the Glamour Dogs community.

Glamour Dogs Team