Grooming Prices



Grooming Prices

  Full Grooming

Head to paw professional groom tailored to your dog’s specific breed. It includes a health check, thorough brushing and de-matting if needed, maintenance of all the hygiene points – eyes, ears (plucking or cleaning),nails (trimming), pads (trimming and cleaning), bum (empting glands and trimming soiled hair) and groin (clipping) followed by a  warm bath, fluff dry, hair cut or clip. All clips or trims are breed specific unless a different style is requested. Dogs that shed or dogs with wiry coat will receive appropriate treatment, e.g. de-shedding or hand-stripping, depending on coat type and requirements. As a complimentary service the dog will be sprayed with 'Baby Powder' dog perfume and breath will be freshened with minty foam.

The cost is dependant on the size, condition and breed of dog.


 Puppy Pamper

Introduction to grooming for puppies under 6 months. Includes a brush out, warm bath, light trim, nail trim and ear cleaning. Price €40


Bath and Brush

Treatment to keep dogs clean and knot free in between full grooms, includes a thorough brushing, warm bath and dry. No trimming included. 

Small dog €30

Medium dog €35

Large dog €40


Hygiene treatments

Nail clipping -  10

Anal glands -  8

Eyes, fringe, ears, nails - €20

Eyes, fringe, ears, nails, feet, groin, bum - €25


Hand stripping - €30 per hour

De-matting - €30 per hour

 Frontline spray treatment against fleas and ticks - 7


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