Spa Treatments

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Pawdicure - €15

Most dogs spend the majority of the day on their feet, walking on dirt and concrete, and coming into contact with germs and bacteria. We have the perfect solution by using luxurious natural ingredients to give your dogs paws that clean soothing feeling. First dog's paws will be deep cleansed while helping to eliminate fungus, germ and bacteria by soaking in a tub with special luxury natural ingredients. Than paw balm is applied to each paw, which is formulated with all-natural human-grade ingredients to protect, heal, and moisturize the pet's paws All natural ingredients include aloe, shea butter, cocoa butter, mango seed butter, and vitamin E.


Dead Sea Mud Bath - € 15

* Only available as an addition to Bath & Brush or Full groom procedures

The Dead Sea Mud bath restores the coats natural beauty while distressing the pet. This rich formula repels fleas and ticks whilst remaining hypo-allergenic and safe for dogs of all ages. The essential oils and minerals strengthen the skins immune system and prevent broken hairs. Help with blood circulation. Eliminates impurities and toxins giving a deep cleansing experience and leaves a long lasting fragrance.


Hair Hydration and Moisturising- € 15

* Only available as an addition to Bath & Brush or Full groom procedures

This procedure includes applying intense protein conditioning treatment for repairing soft brittle and damaged delicate coats to dogs’ hair. Restores critical moisture, eliminates frizz, and protects against future damage.

Humectant is also applied to the coat that replenishes coats with 4x more moisturizers, creating long-lasting volume, manageability and a new dimension of shine. Infused with a complex of triple natural lanolin to moisturize, strengthen and repair fine, dry, limp coats, leaving them thicker and healthier looking.


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